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COVID-19 Guidelines

Mask Display

The safety of the client and the therapist is paramount at these times. We have put the following procedures in place to adhere to Government Guidelines:


  • Client and household must be symptom free for at least 7 days and will be encouraged to use NHS Contact Tracer services when available.

  • Caution or refusal of therapy will be used at the therapist’s discretion for clients with underlying health conditions (heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, suppressed immune systems etc.) or aged over 70 in addition to the usual sports massage therapy contra-indications.

  • Attending appointment implies verbal consent to Treatment Guidelines requirements

  • Clients will be asked to sign a specific consent form before the treatment to confirm they agree to the Guidelines.

  • Clients will be given Treatment Guidelines reminder 1 day before appointment via email.

  • Clients must attend clinic at time of appointment and not before

  • Clients will be instructed to wash hands before and after treatment.

  • Clients are encouraged to wear a mask in enclosed spaces.

  • Client will be asked to inform the therapist immediately should they show symptoms

    of Covid 19 post therapy at any time

Therapist will:


  • Ensure that all clients are fully aware of the treatment regime and Guidelines 

  • Contact clients by phone or online prior to providing advice or treatment to minimise contact time in the treatment room

  • Confirm that they are currently free from symptoms, have not been in contact with someone currently suffering Covid-19 or who is self-isolating.

  • Use the NHS Contact Tracer services when available.

  • Offer greater flexibility with Cancellation Policies in order not to deter clients from

    cancelling if they feel unwell

  • Ensure the day’s diary has time between appointments to ensure sufficient and thorough sterilisation of the treatment room, ensuring that clients are not present at the same time and that sterilising products and ventilation systems are effective at minimising contamination across the whole treatment environment.

  • Follow PPE guidelines as recommended by Public Health England.

  • Mask protection and visors where governing bodies advise

  • Hand washing will be completed before and after each client

  • Uniform to be worn only in clinic and taken home at end of day in bag.

    Washed according to government advice.

  • Disposable single use apron for body contact treatments.

  • Good hand hygiene practised between clients, including exposed forearms.

  • Dispose of all waste products and PPE appropriately. Disposable PPE and couch roll will be placed in double bag and isolated for 72 hours before disposal

  • Handwashing facilities available for client in each treatment room including option

    of appropriate hand sanitisation

  • Couch roll will be used to cover client seating if surface is not washable Rooms will be ventilated in between clients by opening windows and leaving doors open to the corridor venting to outdoors.

  • 15 minutes between appointments to clean bed and surfaces

  • Commonly touched surfaces i.e.door handles, taps, toilet facilities (fresh hand towels

    or disposable towels), soap dispensers will be decontaminated regularly 

  • Fans and air conditioning units will not be used whilst treatment is in progress 

  • Water and other refreshment will not be dispensed unless in an emergency

    situation, clients and therapists to supply their own

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