Aromatheapy Oils


Holistic healing treatment that uses natural extracts to improve health and wellbeing.


Manual re-adjustment, myofascial release and manipulation of muscle tissue and bones. Medical acupuncture and ultrasound used to compliment dignosis and treatment of back pain, neck pain, upper and lower limb pain. Relieving pain, headaches and migraines.


Friendly, professional service tailored to your individual needs. Treatments include Wrinkle Reducing Injections, Dermal Fillers, Lip Enhancements and injections to reduce Hyperhidrosis (underarm sweating).



Alternative therapy involving application of pressure to feet and hands. Stimulates healing within the body and can relieve many symptoms of pain and create a feeling of wellbeing

Sports Therapy

Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic patterns of tension in muscles, tendons and fascia. Eliminating scar tissue to prevent and cure injury. Helping with everyday muscle soreness as well as sports related muscle fatigue.


Complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by small does of natural substances. 


Treatment derived from ancient Chinese medicine. Fine needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for therapeutic or preventative purposes.

NIP Chiropractic

NeuroImpulse Protocol Chiropractic is a neurological form of chiropractic treatment. Its chiropractic treatment without the cracks! Manipulation and adjustment without the cracking and popping sounds usually associated with Chiropractic treatment.  


A form of alternative medicine that is natural, non-invasive and promotes self healing. Treating adults and children using nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and tissue salts

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