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Fed up with muscle pain?

Do you listen to your body when injured?

I don't just mean rest for a few days and hope it goes me this very rarely works! I mean seeing a specialist to help, using heat, maybe ice and reducing pain through other means?

Have you tried different specialists and keep experiencing the same reoccurring injuries?

Taping may be the answer for you!

Athletes all over the world use tape to help support injured joints, overstretched ligaments and weak muscles. The tape used is made from cotton, is sweat resistant and will stabilise an area you may be having trouble with.

The Physio, Massage or Chiropractic treatment you are receiving is doing exactly what you need it to do, but the reoccurring pain you keep feeling is because the area needs more support to help with healing and decrease the risk of the injury getting worse or coming back.

Taping can help to reduce pain and improve the proprioception of the body enabling you to move more effectively.

Do you need help with any of the following:

*Collapsed arches or foot pain

*Stabilisation of the knee

*Shoulder pain

*Tennis/Golfers elbow

*Muscle strain

*Back pain

All these areas can be taped to aid your recovery.

Taping is by no means a cure for all injuries, but coupled with the right treatment can really help combat common aches that seem to never really go away.

Intrigued? Come and see us at Pro Fusion Therapy and find out what taping can do for your injury?

Take Care

From us all at Pro Fusion Therapy x

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