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What to eat after working out?

When I first started planning Pro Fusion Therapy way back one Friday evening with a glass of red, pen and scrap paper, it really was all around the complete well-being of others.

Now obviously Pro Fusion meets your tired aching muscles needs, not to mention the Beauty and Mindful elements of life. However, for me well-being includes physical exercise, both high energy and holistic, and the right nutrition. As both a Coach in the studio and a Therapist in the treatment room, it is the unity of exercise, injury prevention and a balanced nutritional intake that complete the bigger picture.

I quite often get asked after classes 'What should I eat'? I therefore promised my busy Monday 9.30am Les Mills Grit class the low down on what to eat after exercising!

So here goes:

* Firstly what you eat before exercise is just as important as what you eat after. So don't starve yourself before going to the gym or class.

* Protein AND carbohydrates are important to the body when refuelling.

*Eggs are only 70 calories each and hold 6.3 grams of protein, not to mention the Vitamin D they naturally contain.

* Kefir is a fermented milk drink. One cup of Kefir contains 11 - 14 grams of complete protein. Dairy proteins are great for maintaining lean muscle mass.

* Bananas are high in fast acting carbohydrates to help restore the body's glycogen levels and high in potassium. Great for rebuilding muscles.

* Salmon is high in protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3's to rebuild muscle and increase performance.

*Blueberries are high in antioxidants and triple recovery rate after intense workouts.

*Whole grain pitta and hummus is a great protein and carbohydrate snack to keep energy levels up.

* Nuts and Fruit, only a handful or two is a great snack.

* Kiwi has huge amounts of vitamin C and potassium and can also help with muscle soreness!

* WATER so important all day everyday, but even more important to re-hydrate after exercise.

*Eating within 15 - 30 minutes after exercising will really aid the body's ability to rebuild glycogen and stop you snacking on the quick convenient food later in the day.

Now don't get me wrong I know its easy to have the ideal eating plan set out for the day on paper and in reality we are often juggling school runs, work, time restraints and the lack of suitable ingredients to hand. For me making my eating habits a routine and taking the 'thinking' out of it is what has worked best.

NEVER skip meals, you go into fat store mode regardless of how healthy you are being. Eat little and often to keep the metabolism up, for me that is every 2-3 hours.

Keep alcohol for the weekend and limit your intake when you are enjoying a glass.....or two!

Eggs for breakfast are a winner for me and help with my energy levels during the morning before I have my first snack of nuts and a banana, generally as I walk out of the studio following some mad Grit session!

Lunch doesn't have to be extravagant, keep it simple. Hummus and pitta, wrap with salad and tuna, chicken breast or smoothie. Find what works for you and stick to it. I am not joking when I say during the week my meals are very repetitive, it works, I don't have to over think it and most importantly means I don't skip a meal.

Snack again during the afternoon, especially if like me you have exercised. Keep refuelling.

Dinner is again simple but it works. Generally involving chicken and vegetables for me, I admit I should add more fish but I can't say that I am much of a fan. I admit to owning a few of the Joe Wicks recipe books...........why didn't I think of doing that! Easy to follow and relatively healthy, although I must admit I make a few alterations of my own as I go to aid flavour and to make it healthier!!

Water is a must for me, it is quite rare to ever see me without my water bottle. Keep drinking, it really does help with energy levels, not to mention your complexion. I also use nuun electrolyte tablets in my water on the days that I teach to help regulate my sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium levels. Electrolytes can help with cramps, muscle function and help the body burn energy efficiently.

I could have gone on about micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients but lets face it, we all just want simple guidelines on healthy eating for everyday lifestyles.

Be kind to yourself, your human and you WILL have days where sugar is consumed more than others. Its ok! So long as it is not a regular thing and you are generally well balanced with your eating and exercise, then stop being so hard on your self!

Here is to a healthy week!

See you in class!

Pro Fusion Therapy x

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