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So what is all the fuss about Microblading?!

So if like me your beauty regime includes washing your face with water, applying cream (or Coconut Oil in my case)

and if your lucky remembering the mascara before running to your next class! Then this post will educate you as much as my endless google search educated me!

'Micro-'what'!' was my response to Tanya Whitaker when she first mentioned to me that she was ready to bring Microblading to Pro Fusion Therapy. Lets be honest unless its a Squat-Burpee, Tuck Jump or applying an elbow into a tight glute-maximus there is a high possibility I haven't heard of it!

So what is microblading?

Microblading is a semi permanent technique of making individual hair strokes using a fine blade and dye. The fine lines that are bladed on do not blur, fade or spread.

The first picture shows an over plucked eyebrow with the second picture showing a symmetrical framed eye thanks to microblading.

The shape and colouring is individual to the clients needs and face shape, creating the perfect brow for you.

So the big question.......does it hurt??

Apparently the answer to that is yes! I say apparently as obviously (if you know me) I have not had this done, in fact I probably should be better acquainted with my tweezers at the very least! So expect there to be some degree of pain, but for the 2 hours of discomfort you are left with beautifully shaped eyebrows for anywhere between 1-3 years.

Microblading is semi-permanent using a special tool, whereas tattooing is permanent using a gun and ink. Cosmetic colouring is used for Microblading not ink. The eyebrows look quite dark initially but after 10-15 days will lighten. Once the eyebrows calm down and lighten, a touch up session is booked to fill gaps and complete the look. This is the stage at which people fall in love with their new eyebrows.

So thats it! The low down on Microblading. Tanya will be offering Microblading this September at a discounted rate of £195 instead of £250. Obviously speak to Tanya with any concerns and then book your way to the perfect eyebrows.

Have a great weekend from us all at Pro Fusion Therapy

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