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10 Tips for Healthy, Happy Feet

Did you know the average person will walk the equivalent of twice around the world in their lifetime?

Use the following tips to keep healthy, happy feet. Come see the team at Pro Fusion Therapy for diabetic foot problems and sports injuries.

1. Inspect feet regularly for changes in colour, texture or appearance.

2. Foot hygiene to include washing and drying in between toes.

3. Hydrate the skin, open shoes cause rapid moisture loss from the skin and may cause cracking. Replace moisture by using lotions or creams regularly.

4. Wear shoes that fit! You may not be the same shoe size in every shop, try to buy shoes late in the day when feet are at their largest.

5. Never ignore foot pain. If symptoms do not improve consult your Foot Health Practitioner for advice.

6. Cut toenails straight across. Never cut into the corners as this could cause ingrown toe nails. Gently file edges with emery board.

7. Exercise! Wear appropriate footwear and look after the feet while conditioning the body.

8. Alternate your shoes each day. Our feet have sweat glands and our shoes will absorb moisture from your feet. Its important to let your shoes dry out completely after wearing them.

9. Avoid walking bare feet to protect feet from injury.

10. Put sun cream on your feet while wearing sandals to avoid sunburn.

Enjoy your Healthy, Happy feet and see you soon.

From us all at Pro Fusion Therapy

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