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So I first met Anna Walker our Life Coach, 15 years ago. A Solicitor, who at the time attended Peak Physique (in the days before BodyPump) after a long day at work. Little did we know where the next 15 years would take us!

Anna then trained in Reiki, Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Bach Remedies.

I have experienced first hand the help that Anna can offer and can honestly say that Life Coaching and Bach Remedies have changed how I cope with many aspects of my life.


I know what your thinking! Uri Gellar bending spoons! Well trust me it's nothing like what you see on the TV or on stage at the works Christmas event.

I experienced this when I started to have anxiety and panic attacks following a traumatic pregnancy and birth with my first Son. I wanted another child but couldn't shake the fear of a possible repeat to my first experience. In stepped Anna! With tapping techniques, anchors and hypnotherapy I could look back on my experience without getting upset or emotional. I was able to move forward.


So most people have heard of Rescue Remedy? Helps us with crisis and emergencies in stressful situations such as exams, interview nerves, an accident or bad news. We all turn to it to give us calm, relax us and help us focus.

Rescue Remedy is a specific mix of remedies from the 38 Bach Flower remedies, that is sold world wide.

So if you are open to using Rescue Remedy have you ever considered using the other Bach Remedies to help you with daily life?

"We can not change other people but we can change how we react to them"

I have found that Bach Remedies help me cope with people, daily struggles and the ups and downs of life. I have learnt I have certain remedies that I fall back on quite often..........Anna is usually good at pointing out that I may need certain ones on certain days!

If you know me, you probably agree with the ones I have hiding at the back of the cupboard waiting to be dropped in my water bottle!

Agrimony: Hides behind a cheerful face

In my line of work it's not about me but making others feel good about themselves and helping them on a journey to health, fitness and well-being. Even on those days when I don't feel like it, the smile comes out and I am as cheerful as can be.......even I am not always this cheerful really!!!

Oak: Strong people who struggle on even when exhausted

It's amazing how much you learn about yourself with these remedies!

Walnut: Protection against change and outside influences

Lets be honest there are a lot of outside influences every minute of everyday! Walnut really does help the drama bounce off you!

This is only my personal perspective, we all have a different story. I strongly believe that no matter your story or journey, Anna will be able to help you. To find clarity where it often seems hazy, regardless of age or gender.

The list is endless, but if you need help with:

* Anxiety

* Stress

* Depression

* Motivation

* Relationships

* Phobias

* Post Natal Depression/Baby Blues

* Menopause

* Quitting Smoking

* Weight Gain/Loss

Then Anna is your lady!

Mental well-being is just as important as our physical well-being, what affects one, affects the other. Look after both.......

Pro Fusion Therapy x

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