March Offers

30% OFF Semi-Permanent Make Up

Hair Strokes (2 Hours)                                  £175

Powder Brows (2 Hours)                               £175

Combination Brows (2.5 Hours)                    £192.50

Eyeliner Top (1.5 Hours)                                £105

Eyeliner Bottom (1 Hour)                               £91

Eyeliner Top & Bottom (2 Hours)                   £175

Lip Liner (1 Hour)                                         £105

Lip Liner & Blush (2.5 Hours)                       £175

March 2020 Offer

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30% OFF LOVE Plasma

What is Love Plasma?


Love Plasma ™ is an innovative skin tightening treatment with the results previously only achieved with cosmetic surgery. 

The treated area is sublimated (converted directly to vapour) using the plasma arc which is formed through ionisation of atmospheric gases, causing the instant tightening effect, no scalpels and long recovery!

In the following weeks after treatment Collagen is produced and your new skin cells will strengthen, plump and tighten the skin, this is in addition to your instant tightening on the day.

*Results vary and more than one treatment may be needed to achieve your required result. 

*All second treatments to the same area are at a 50% reduced price!


Complimentary Consultation (15mins)       £0

Upper Eyelids, Hoods                               £295

Under Eye area                                        £295

Upper & Lower Eyes at same time           £395

Crow's Feet                                    £150-£200

Eyebrow Lift                                  £150-£250

Frown Lines/Between the brow               £180

Corners of the mouth                    £150-£200

Jowl/Jawline Tightening                         £350

Perioral Lines/Lipstick Lines                   £200

Smile Lines & Marionette Lines               £220

Chin Lines &                                  £250-£350

Chin Augmentation

Full Neck Tightening/Lift                        £495

Neck Lines/Neck Cords/Banding

Up to 3 bands                                         £295

4-6 bands                                               £350


Receive a second treatment to the same area at a 50% reduced price if taken at the 12week point after initial treatment.

With Louise Jones


Hot Stone Massage

Deeply relaxing Hot Stone Massage to ease tension

With Linda Sprint

45 Minutes - £40

60 Minutes - £50


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Mother’s Day Offer

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